Paying Cash or will you Request a Loan?

Are you paying Cash or will you Request a Loan?

Our Ohio Real Estate Market is HOT! August 2020 was a strong month.

Per the Ohio Realtors Website: The sales activity, according to the Ohio’s Realtors Association of which I am a... Read More

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Ohio Riverfront Property IS Waterfront Property! Market it appropriately.

We have some wonderful riverfront homes in our Northern Ohio region. They should be marketed to show the buyer the... Read More

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Navigating the offer to purchase Your Ohio Home

That feeling of accomplishment when you’ve finally found the home you want to purchase is well-deserved. Whether you looked at... Read More

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Confused about the home appraisal process for your Ohio home?

There are two steps in the home sale process that we frequently see our clients get the jitters over: the... Read More

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Homes at Saint Hazards, Middle Bass Island, Ohio

I’ve sold two villa mobile home units in this island resort style campground recently. These are nice mobile homes many... Read More

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Sick of renting? Take these Simple Daily Steps to Achieve Homeownership

So, are you tired of paying your landlord’s mortgage payment yet? If you answered yes, and you’d much prefer to... Read More

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